Why should you be interested in a solar energy solution? Here are several good reasons.

Environmental Motivations

Our energy demands are unsustainable using current energy generation trends as we consume the finite resources that these trends demand. In addtion, the buring of coal and oil, the two most common of ways of generating power currently, are major contributors to global warming. We don’t have much time to integrate a new solution. With a solar energy installation, you become part of that solution. Solar energy is a truly “green” energy source producing zero emissions and is rapidly receiving world-wide attention as the leading alternative energy solution.


Independence Motivations

After the initial cost of your array, you can very possibly be generating enough power from your solar installation to maintain complete independence from your grid power utility. Wow. Battery backup options mean that you can rely on continuous power even at night or during a utility power outage.


Reliability Motivations

With no moving parts, a solar system requires no spare parts, uses no fuel and is is virtually maintenance free. Combine this with an amazing 4 decade lifespan and you have an unparalled energy solution.


Financial Motivations

You will be generating free energy long after you have paid off your system. In many cases, even financing a solar installation will cost you less than what you already pay to your power utility. In addtion, the Federal Government has just extended its tax incentive program through 2008. This could mean up to $4000 in tax credits... This credit is not a reduction in your taxable income, but a dollar for dollar reduction in what you owe. If you end up with more credit than taxes, you get to carry the credit over to the next year! It couldn’t be a better time to act.